Selected Publications Before 2007

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  • Caraiscos VB, et al. J Neurosci — Selective enhancement of tonic GABAergic inhibition in murine hippocampal neurons by low concentrations of the volatile anesthetic isoflurane
  • Yeung JY, et al. Mol Pharmacol — Tonically activated GABAA receptors in hippocampal neurons are high-affinity, low-conductance sensors for extracellular GABA
  • Kotecha SA, et al. Neuron — A D2 class dopamine receptor transactivates a receptor tyrosine kinase to inhibit NMDA receptor transmission
  • Bai D, et al. Mol Pharmacol — Distinct functional and pharmacological properties of tonic and quantal inhibitory postsynaptic currents mediated by γ-aminobutyric acid A receptors in hippocampal neurons
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